Rider Info

Rider safety is our #1 concern. We want you to have a positive experience while visiting our midway.

Here are a few important safety rules and regulations you should know:

Basic Rider Info:

  • Minimum rider height is 32″, and must be able to support themselves on the device.
  • Some rides are not suitable for certain riders.
  • Some rides require an adult to ride with smaller riders, not based on age, based on size.
  • All riders require tickets or bracelets. “Chaperones” are not free.
  • All amusements rides have restrictions and safety rules posted. Please familiarize yourself with these before making ticket purchase.
  • Some rides have “No Single Rider” restrictions. This rule is from the manufacturer.
  • Sorry No Refunds or Raincheck’s, No Exceptions.
  • Rider heights are not determined by Carter Shows Ltd. Rider heights and capacities are set by the ride manufacturer and are enforced by the T.S.S.A.. ¬†Carter Shows must strictly follow these rules.

If you have specific questions about a ride or its operation, please ask. Our ride attendants or managers will be happy to answer them for you.

PDF Downloads:

Top 10 Tips For Parents Visiting A Carnival

Minimum Height Restrictions

How to Be Safe & What to Expect When Riding Rides

 2015 Carter Shows Rider Info

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Safety Warning:

There are inherent risks in the participation in or on the amusement device. Since it is recognized that the participation in or on the device may be hazardous regardless of all feasible safety measures that can be undertaken by the device owner or operator there is a duty for the patrons to become apprised of the warnings and the risks inherent in participation in or on the amusement if the warnings are not obeyed. Prior to participating in or on such amusement device, patrons shall familiarize themselves with the posted safety warnings so that they may make an informed decision of whether to participate in or on the device notwithstanding the risks.