Show Policy

Our Goals
We’re creating good memories for the future, and we need your help.

Before we go any further, lets look at some of the common problems facing a property management group that would like to increase revenue and improve customer relations, by bringing in some entertainment for the families in the surrounding areas.

The midway arrives and there is a disruption of the traffic flow. Large trucks are blocking delivery vehicles and takings up precious parking spaces. House trailers are often scattered around the property. The staff of the show is floating in and around the mall, tying up the washrooms. The midway opens, and if the good people have the nerve to walk through the midway, by the time their experience is over they are either broke or disgusted. The carnival finally leaves, 42 boy scouts and a road crew have to put the lot back in order. Every vendor or merchant in the property has already been at the manager’s door to complain.

This does not have to happen! At Carter Shows Ltd., we’re aware of your concerns and fears, and we’re raising the bar. We believe strongly that your association with us should not only be profitable, but it should also increase your customer base and improve relations between you, your merchants, and their customers. This is what we strive for at Carter Shows.


  • A clean, colorful assortment of over 60 rides & attractions
  • An amusement park atmosphere complete with park benches, trees, gazebos and street lamps.
  • A polite, and helpful, fully uniformed staff
  • Full co-ordination with T.S.S.A. (Technical Standards & Safety Authority) and the Electrical Safety Authority
  • A clean fleet of trucks and trailers
  • A win-win scenario not only for your company, and ours, but our valued patrons as well

The rest of this package highlights all the listed items above. If you have any questions or concerns about the above information, please contact our offices by clicking here